“Nathan and Flora outline the happiness of eternal life with great autonomy, using the surrounding lighting and elements of the scene around in a really special way. Impressing everyone with beautiful images that reveal unique moments in the life of the couple, they seek joyful compositions which are able to express the sensations experienced by all during that great day. They can adapt to the most diverse possibilities and seek to make a reading of the couple’s personality to then portray it in their beautiful images.”


Zankyou Wedding -“The top 10 wedding photographers in Rio de Janeiro”


Mariana + Thiago || Portugal


It really seems like it was yesterday when these two showed up here, talking about their ...
January 16, 2017

Ana + Diego || Segovia – Spain


  It's beginning of September and it's still summer. The spanish light and warmth give ...
February 13, 2017

Denise + Raul || Itaipava


January 28, 2016

Carol + Mateus // Gigoia Island


September 15, 2015

Rachel + Chris // Floresta da Tijuca


 12 de Setembro de 2015 O dia da Rachel e do Chris começou cedo, chuvoso, frio. Borboletas ...
October 12, 2015

Gabi + Pedro // Santa Cruz Fortress


5am and the dawn's fresh air slowly dissipated to the heat of a warm sunday morning. The ...
May 24, 2013

Iana + Andre // Petropolis


November 17, 2015