Our concept is who and what we are. The places we’ve been, the experiences we’ve had, the people we’ve met, our love for each other. We are a bunch of everything that surrounds us and a product os this ever changing world. And if you’re here, it’s because somehow we’ve manage to find similarities in our universes, and a part of our world is also part of yours. And, oh my, that’s awesome!


Taking photographs is an inside out process, it is visceral and will never, ever be common. We won’t let it become common. A wedding is built by true, real moments, that will happen only and exclusively with each particular couple. Your moment is yours and only yours to keep, do what you want of it.


That’s what we live for. We treat every wedding as story of it’s own, and we’re here to build, with you, the memory of your day, what you’ll leave for the future generations, your gift to you and your family. Together, we’ll create your photographic memories, no strings, no conventions, no limits. Come as you are.


Ask us how at info@thrallphotgraphy.com.


Our brand tells a lot about who we are, about our story and values. We’ve shared some of this creative process here.






Your first wedding gift. From you to the future. In 50 years, your offspring are all over the place, seeing page by page, the day you celebrated the beginning of your family. Leafing the album, feeling the texture of the pages, laughing and crying together with you. To look at a wedding album is to be transported to this moment when the universe stopped to see you extolling the love you have for each other. This is not every day. This is one day. Your day. Save your wedding album with affection, it is one of the first great legacies of your family.







Where are you?
We’re based in Lisbon and Rio de Janeiro, always here and there and everywhere. 
So do you travel for weddings?
YES. We love to travel and we do this often. Our goal is to tell real stories of real people, within weddings or not. You will also find some of these stories in our personal projects such as Come As You Are.
Do you photograph together?
Everything you see here was photographed by Nathan and/or Flora. We photograph together and also separated.
How long have you been doing this?
We are in this since 2010 separately and 2012 together.
How many photos will I receive?
About 800 photos, all edited individually between a coffee or a beer. ;)
How long 'till I have the photos?
Within 12 weeks after your wedding you’ll receive a gallery with all your wedding pictures in it to download and share.
Do you also photograph mini-weddings?
We are documentary photographers. We portray people and stories and their stories. The content of our photo is who these people are and never the place where they are in or their style. Our focus is you.

How do we book?
You can send an email directly to us: info@thrallphotography.com. We’ll love meeting you for a Skype chat or a cup of coffee. :)
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May 7, 2016
Conhecer o Nathan e a Flora foi um presente do destino. Emocionamo-nos ao reconhecer em seu lindo trabalho a delicadeza e afinidade que imediatamente aflorou em nosso primeiro contato. Fotografia para eles é muito mais que registro, é arte, é sensibilidade, contato, eternização de momentos singulares, assim como para nós, cada projeto em letterpress é uma experiência artesanal, particular, única. Filosofias iguais, finalidades iguais, nossos caminhos se cruzaram. A partir de então começamos a lapidar essa parceria incrível que logo de início rendeu um fruto que aqui está exposto em primeira mão: o cartão da Thrall Photography. Obrigado, amigos, por terem nos escolhido e pelo maravilhoso registro, que certamente vai emocionar muita gente, assim como foi conosco. É um privilégio fazer parte dessa história!